Decluttering and Organising your Workspace Training


Work-based training, aimed at providing individuals with the skills, strategies and tools to
organise and professionally declutter their workspace, leading to improved performance
and reduced stress and anxiety in their work environment. A disorganised workspace is
common in individuals that suffer with ADHD and its comorbidities, leading to a
disorganised and stressful work environment that quickly becomes overwhelming. A
professional declutter, along with strategies for better organisation, will help to keep a clear
workspace and mind and lead to a less stressful work environment whilst improving
productivity in day to day tasks.

The training covers –
• What is a professional declutter?
• Setting up your workspace in a professional and organised way.
• A tidy workspace is a tidy mind.
• Strategies and tactics.
• Tools of the trade.
• Decluttering systems.
• Organised for life.

The training takes place over 7 modules, which for those with ADHD is best taken at 1
module each week. The training is unique as it is tailored to an individual’s own workspace
and their emotional responses within the working environment.

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