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I’ll be honest, I had a tough time growing up, especially my school years. I was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age and found school life difficult, constantly struggling to fit in and feel like I belonged. I felt like an outcast in the classroom, accused of being disruptive and forgetful – pretty much the definition of combined ADHD! The fact is I was creative, loved the Arts. I could dance, I could act and I could sing, and when the school wanted someone to perform at events, I was always the first name mentioned to be up on stage. This just led to more confusion for me – looked on as a troublemaker in the classroom, but the teacher’s pet on stage!

I was fortunate, throughout my childhood, to attend Stagecoach Performing Arts. I was so nervous when I first went but instantly, I felt at home. So many neurodiverse, creative children in one space. The teachers were fab too and made everyone feel included. It was a real highlight of my childhood, to feel like I belonged.

On from school to college, then university. I struggled less to fit in here, there were so many individual people, and I was allowed to be myself, but I still struggled with studies as there was even less support than at school.

I wanted to learn about myself and how my mind thinks. Neurodiverse people are wired differently and I wanted to understand that more, so I enrolled on a Counselling course. This was the start of my journey of discovery, understanding myself for the first time and learning how to manage my thoughts and emotions so that I could thrive.

I am now a fully qualified counsellor and coach and absolutely love helping others, who might be struggling, to understand themselves and make subtle changes to their lives, allowing them to be the very best version of themselves.

One of the things I enjoy about being a coach is being able to help people organise their lives so that they can develop personalised strategies to support a better mental and physical way of being. Whether it’s looking at how someone manages their day or how they organise their environment, there is more to emotional discomfort than meets the eye.

I am still a highly creative person who enjoys many different hobbies and interests including, music, crafting, crochet, sewing, illustration, singing/song writing etc. I have quite a unique style which includes piercings and tattoos. I love fashion and wearing what I feel good in, believing that everyone should feel comfortable enough to be their true authentic selves.


Understanding Substance Misuse Level 2 CPCAB 2021
Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 2 CPCAB 2021
Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 3 CPCAB 2021
Certificate in Online & Telephone Counselling 2023
Diploma in Life Coaching with Distinction ACCPH 2022
Therapeutic Counselling Level 4 CPCAB 2023

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