Work based Stress Reduction Training


Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Training is aimed at providing individuals with the
skills, strategies and tools to better manage their stress and anxiety in the workplace.

The training covers –
• The origins of mindfulness.
• Meditation and the practice of awareness.
• Cultivating mindfulness.
• Rewiring the stress response.
• Mindful movement.
• Nonviolent communication.
• Working with resistance, dealing with physical and emotional pain.
• Mindfulness programming to success.

Mindfulness training and meditation has been shown to greatly improve an individual’s
response to stress and anxiety in the workplace. In those diagnosed with ADHD and its
comorbidities, this is even more so, with a greater understanding of their emotional
responses allowing them to regulate their emotions and allow a greater focus in their
working environment. This not only increases an individual’s productivity but allows for a
more relaxed and stress-free workplace.

The training takes place over 8 modules and is tailored to an individual’s workspace and
their emotional responses within the working environment. We would suggest that clients
with ADHD undertake the training at 1 module a week.

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